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What can a family lawyer help you with?

Your marriage has come to an end, and now that you have decided to divorce, you are in the situation of hiring a lawyer. You may even wonder if your services are necessary. Here we will explain why they are.

Surely you know cases of cordial divorces and on good terms, and other catastrophic. In addition to the personality of those involved, this also has to do with the expertise of the lawyers in charge. In general, the less you need to go to court, the less painful and faster the divorce is. But anyway, even when you and your spouse have agreed to divorce, it is advisable that both have legal advice.

And this is because, beyond the emotional consequences that lead to the dissolution of the marriage bond, there are also legal aspects that cannot be ignored. A lawyer specialized in divorces will know how to guide you through this process, solving the pitfalls that arise along the way. Start by asking for references to family and friends. And when you meet with the lawyers, ask about their experience and credentials. Serious lawyers will always be able to provide you with references from other clients.

If you and your spouse have been able to agree on important points such as home, child custody, and joint property, it is even possible for a single lawyer to resolve minor legal issues, such as paperwork. However, if a disagreement arises between the clients, the lawyer has an ethical obligation to transfer at least one of them to another lawyer.

In the most complicated divorces, as if there had been physical or verbal abuse, infidelity or addictions, it is essential to have the services of a lawyer, especially to protect children

Division of property

The more property you and your spouse jointly own the more complicated this process will be. Washington is a community property state. By these statutes, all goods acquired during the marriage, including those made in the name of an individual, are seen as belonging to both parties. In the case of divorce, this means that everything can be divided between you and your spouse equitably. The assets will be distributed so that each party leaves in relatively equal conditions.

Custody of the child

One factor that often causes problems in a divorce is custody of the child. You and your spouse will have to solve these problems. When children come into play, things often heat up and mess up.

The use of an experienced divorce lawyer in these cases can be a great benefit. Not only can it help calm tense situations, but a professional can fight to secure their rights as a parent, protect their guardianship, claim custody, visitation, and much more.

Child support

If there are children involved in your divorce, child support may also come into play. These payments are designed to provide ongoing care for minor children and to cover food, clothing, housing, education and other needs. In general, the party with the most nights will receive payments from the other party.

How do you choose a good family lawyer?

The first thing to look for is the lawyer’s experience in this field. Experience is always a degree. An experienced lawyer knows the repercussions that a certain decision or action can have, knows the family judges, which foot they hobble and which should be the most appropriate strategy to apply in the case in question, knows the casuistry, the details, and their solutions

The second thing to keep in mind is to have “chemistry” with the lawyer. “That you understand and that you understand. This is fundamental. Without trust, the thing does not work.